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Are you a visionary entrepreneur seeking financial backing to propel your ventures to greater heights? This comprehensive 4-step assessment is crafted especially for professionals like yourself who, though not banking experts, are actively seeking funding avenues

Founded in 2020 by Mohamed Aleban and Hamza AlFarhan, Nearpay has Step by step, we'll delve into pivotal factors determining your funding eligibility. Through candid responses to each inquiry, you'll glean valuable insights into the feasibility of your funding ambitions. This assessment is meticulously designed to offer a pragmatic viewpoint, aiding you in distinguishing between lofty aspirations and genuine opportunities.

You're granted a unique opportunity to evaluate your funding requirements, reflect on past ventures and their achievements, undergo a financial capability evaluation, and assess your relationship with your bank. Regardless of your responses, tailored advice for professional solutions awaits you. All this can be accomplished with just a few clicks, ensuring you reap the benefits of this invaluable resource.

As you progress through this assessment, you'll be presented with three choices for each question, enabling you to articulate your perspectives and beliefs concerning your funding opportunities. Your considered responses will lead you through the test, revealing your stance on securing funding whether it's an aspiration or a tangible possibility.

Rest assured, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. No personal information or answers provided during this assessment will be stored or recorded. Your responses are strictly utilized to guide you through the evaluation process and furnish you with tailored insights into your funding potential.

Keep in mind that this assessment aims to offer clarity and direction on your journey to obtaining funding. By the end, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your prospects as a legitimate borrower capable of securing the necessary financing. Embark on this journey and explore the promising opportunities that await!









Meet Our Leadership

Guiding Visionaries: Introducing the Minds Behind Our Leadership

Silvine adheres to a straightforward philosophy. It leverages its understanding of the requirements and capacities of all parties involved in a potential transaction or issue to construct bridges that facilitate mutually advantageous solutions. While Silvine vigorously upholds its independence, it readily shares its expertise, contacts, networks, and the time necessary to illuminate the crucial aspects of a proposal or the pivotal moments of an issue.

As a knowledge-driven and impartial intermediary, Silvine is consistently positioned to provide calm, reasoned, and well-informed evaluations of any project. It utilizes these assessments and their relationships with the involved parties to facilitate transactions, align financing with projects, and address challenges effectively.


Our board comprises exceptionally reputable and extensively qualified leaders who contribute their exceptional experience and expertise for the advancement of our company.

Their expertise provide valuable insights, strategic guidance, and help make informed decisions that contribute to the success and growth of Silvine Investment

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We are always open to meeting new people, discussing innovative ideas, and making strong parnerships.

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